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Importance of True Nano-Particle Calcium Powder

Calcium is an essential mineral required for bone health.  We have 4 parathyroid glands as our backup system to regulate calcium in our blood!  Yes, calcium is that important! Unfortunately, most people do not get enough Calcium in our bodies and Calcium is not a mineral we can produce within our bodies.  Therefore, all Calcium must be acquired through the foods we intake each day.  Daily diet is more critical as you age since Bone Mass will degrade as we age, potentially causing skeletal disorder, susceptibility to fracture and/or osteoporosis.  

Most commonly, we can acquire Calcium from dairy products such as YOGURT, CHEESE, FISH, VEGETABLES, as well as Calcium-fortified orange juice.  However, very minimal amount of Calcium is actually acquired through daily diet.  In addition, as you age, your Calcium absorption rate drops significantly.  Therefore we choose to take Calcium supplements.

How Much Calcium do I Need? 

Ages 19~50 Years - 1,000mg/day 

Ages 51~70 Years (Women) - 1,200mg/day

Ages 51~70 Years (Men) - 1,000mg/day

Ages 70 and up - 1,200mg/day

There are 1,000s of standard Calcium supplements on the market.  Most of them are chemically produced or processed.  It is critical to only intake naturally sourced Calcium minerals.  Among these Calcium supplements, less than 5% of the Calcium will be absorbed through the bloodstream.  Each of standard Calcium particles are approximately the size of a human hair in diameter.  These large particles are difficult to absorb in bloodstream and majority of the standard size calcium is excreted and some are left in the body potentially causing harm.   

Most calcium supplements with "NANO" or "NANO-CAL" are typically not derived naturally and mostly are not nano-sized particles.  It takes a tremendous technology and time to produce such a pure nano-sized calcium powder, which results in high cost.  Please read the fine prints and the specification to confirm that majority is true nano-sized calcium powder.   

AceNano Calcium Powder
Over 200,000nm 
General Calcium Powder

AceNano Calcium is the only true Nano-particle (30nm~900nm) Calcium Powder in capsule for easy intake.  99% of the AceNano Calcium particles are absorbed.  

AceNano-Calcium particles are 100,000 times smaller than general calcium particles,  making it much easier for your bloodstream and bones to absorb. 


The World Health Organization (WHO) defines Osteoporosis as a generalized skeletal disorder of low bone mass (thinning of the bone) and deterioration in its architecture, causing susceptibility to fracture.  Not getting enough calcium can lead to Osteoporosis.  The most common bones affected include the backbone (spine), hip, and wrist.  People don't realize they have Osteoporosis until after they break a bone.  

Approx. 10+ million Americans suffer from Osteoporosis.  

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