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How AceNano-particles are made

       from an idea to a reality...       


AceNano Calcium is the world's first 3D (three-dimensional) TRUE Top-Down Nano Technology.  Top-Down Nano Technology uses "Nanopomas System" through 4 core processing; "Crushing, Shearing, Friction and Impact".  Most nano-tech on the market breaks down the substance, but unable to retain its original characteristics.  AceNano Calcium goes through TRUE Top-Down Nanopomas processing to retain its original state, maintaining its characteristics without damaging, degrading, modifying the ingredients.  The proprietary nano-technology is genuinely the only system available in the world. 

Nanopomas System - Manufacturing Flow Chart

World's First & Only True Top-Down Nano Technology
  • Retains original calcium characteristics in natural form without use of any other chemical treatment or mix of synthetic substance
  • 4 Core processing,  most powerful method to break down the particles into pure NANO size
  • AceNano's Unique Top-Down Propriety Technology: Nominated for Nobel Prize
  • One of the HIGHEST Calcium absorption rate in the industry 
  • Ideal solution to improve Bone Loss / Osteoporosis  conditions
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